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Curating Your Personal Perfume Wardrobe

Fragrance is your personal aura. It can set and reflect how you feel at a specific moment. It is a way of reflecting your inner self outwardly. So how do you build a fragrance wardrobe to encapsulate all of your facets?

Why Curate a Scent Library

With a curated perfume wardrobe, big or small, you can match your scent to the occasion, the weather, and how you are feeling. This is a magical feeling that just feels "right" and empowers you to move through life with grace.

A Starting Point

There is no “right” way to build a fragrance wardrobe. However, your collection would ideally make up of thoughtfully-picked perfumes that you enjoy wearing. An accessible framework for choosing your scents concerns two situations: season and event. 

Will you wear this scent on a warm sunny day?

Or is it going to keep you cozy when it’s cold out?

Are you buying the perfume for daily, casual wear?

And what about formal occasions where you want to feel a bit more special?

With this, you will have a capsule collection of 4 scents to play with as you further explore the world of fragrance and find what you love.

Our Suggestions

Every Libertine Fragrance scent is meant to complement you, the wearer, so you feel like your best self. This means we strive to present our fragrances without any rigid, predetermined rules. We do want to provide some helpful information for you when curating your own perfume wardrobe, so here is where our scents fit into the categories above.


Casual - Warm Weather: fresh, invigorating scents to cut through the heat

Casual - Cool Weather: deep, comforting scents that feel like a tight hug

Formal - Warm Weather: breezy and sophisticated, like a crisp linen shirt

Formal - Cool Weather: elegant scents to wear with your warmest coat

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