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A Few Tips on Layering Perfumes

Whether you want to create your unique fragrance or further appreciate the scents in your collection, layering perfume is a fun way to express your individuality while teaching your nose the language of olfactory.

Layering tips

  1. Use perfumes with shared or complementary notes. Think of it like cooking where you choose different spices that go well together to make your dish. 
  2. Spray directly on your skin in different spots, like a blank canvas that will soon come to life.
  3. Experiment and play until you find the perfect pairing.

Our favorite combinations

Troubled Spirits + Gilded: for those born with drunken poet energy


    Fin de Siecle + Soft Woods: for those who secretly want to be a rose


      Smoked Bloom + Sex & Jasmine: for those who worship the Sun and the Moon


      Sweet Grass + Fin de Siecle: for those who are down to earth but want a little bit of drama sometimes

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