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Sweet Grass EDP- Hay, Tobacco, Mimosa

  • Bright bon vivant stretched languid in furrowed fields. Golden grasses match golden light. Gentle smoke teases the timid yellow flowers, fall approaches.

    Herbal notes of rosemary settle into sweet tobacco and honey yellow mimosa flower. All of this settles down onto the smell of freshly cut hay and ambrette seed. This fougerè style fragrance is a re-invigoration of a classic cologne style. 

    Profile: Herbal, Sweet, Nutty, Grassy
    Key Notes

    TOP  Rosemary, Lavender

    HEART Tobacco absolute, Mimosa Flower

    BASE  Oakmoss, Hay Absolute, Tonka Bean

Our Philosophy

Our fragrances are all created in house with an aromatic story in mind. We create fragrances to offer a slow moment of pause to your day. To allow you to step out of the rush of things and explore the world, even if only for a moment. We believe fragrance has the power to ground as well as to transport.

All of our scents are formulated, bottled, labelled and packaged by hand in our small scent studio in Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Smells like mid August on a country walk

I absolutely LOVE this fragrance. It reminds me of walking on a country road on a hot August day, when I get hit by the sweet smell of a certain weed, or tall and arid wild grass, and when I smell it I always wonder, which of these plants smells like this? Joshua, you found it and put it in a bottle for me. Thank you!

Helen Threet
Love it!

Disclaimer: I know almost nothing about perfumes. I am EXTREMELY picky about what I'll wear. I don't care for fruity scents, or most flowery ones. Most of what I like is more "unisex" as a result.

That being said, actual sweet grass is one of my favorite scents in the universe, and I'll periodically search for something that smells like real sweet grass. This isn't 100% exactly what sweet grass smells like, but it's close enough, and I LOVE IT. I would take a bath in this if I could. It's summery and sweet and perfect. Love, love, love!

Hannah Christopher
I cannot stop smelling myself when I wear this fragrance

The smell of this perfume is amazing. It's exactly like the description and more. Without reading the description when I first sprayed this on myself, I said it reminds me of the days when I was a kid and I would visit the sweet local farm. The grass that spanned for miles, the hay, and how it smelled exactly like how it feels when fall is coming. Not quite fall, but the summer and warm weather days right before fall. I'd say August-Early October. I wasn't sure how much I'd enjoy this scent at first, because I've never seen hay as a note in an EDP. But I'm telling you, this is my new favorite scent. It's unlike anything I've ever smelled before, it's very unique. Libertine Fragrance's goal is to waken old memories with the power of fragrance, grounding you as well as transporting you. This scent did exactly that for me. Even if this scent isn't for you, surely one of their other scents could be. I am also a fan of Eros Fig! I can't wait to try more of the samples I received in the discovery set. I am definitely adding Sweet Grass and Eros Fig to my christmas wishlist!

To Die For!!!

I’ve been wearing this every day and night for the past month. It makes me feel happy, safe and sultry. The scent makes me think of sitting in a field of wildflowers on a stack of hay while a subtle aroma of tobacco looms lightly in the air blending with the sweetness of its surroundings.

Kerry Poon
My Forever Fragrance

I’ve been looking for “my” fragrance for awhile and his was it. As a woman who likes muskier scents than most perfume marketed for women, I was so happy to find this. It’s beautiful and unique and complex and I get compliments on how I smell all the time. If you haven’t smelled any of the Libertine fragrances I suggest getting the sampler and finding your fave! It’s worth it.