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    A heady, sensual cocktail of jasmine, vanilla bourbon, and sandalwood


    A tiger at midnight, hiding behind swollen blooms of jasmine, prowling atop a bed of vanilla.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Christina Bankes
Husband's favorite!

Sex & jasmine is by far my husband's favorite on me. I however can't decide between Gilded and this one. Absolutely adore both!

emma z
enchanting & unique

i first discovered this scent through a discovery set gifted to me by a friend and fell in love with both gilded and this. Decided to purchase to full size of this and definitely don't regret. my only issue with this is longevity; it lasts me for about a few hours instead of the entire day.

Intoxicating Jasmine

I love this perfume! I wasn't sure at the beginning because it smelled quite strong of bitter patchouli which I'm not a fan of. Then it started taking on a note incensy turn and half an hour in though it started smelling like the most intoxicating flower garden on a Summer's night. So delightful! Later on I start getting more of the vanilla sweetness as well, it just keeps getting better. It smells very feminine on my skin except for the opening which goes away rather quickly

baba fraga
my favorite Libertine, which is saying a lot

Of all the scents in Libertine's lineup, Sex & Jasmine was my favorite. To my nose, it opens as a true jasmine, then dries down into a sexy animalic that I find more wearable than any other animalic fragrances I've tried. I am planning to get a full bottle of this, as it walks the line between wearability and the unique aromatic experiences those of us into niche perfumery are always looking for.

pressed inside a French kiss

The smell of a goddess descending through smoke on a stage at night, losing her purity from her fall to the world of mortals. Tonight I wore Sex and Jasmine, its first night out in public, and a girl from France that I served at a table while waitressing asked what my perfume was and that it smelled familiar. She was eager to look up the perfume after I talked about how Libertine fragrance seems to somehow capture memories and fantasies so luxuriously. This opens with an almost bubblegum note for me on my skin and has a sort of fluffiness likened to how marshmallow can smell but instead it is like being transported into someone’s kiss. A French kiss, steamy and warm. Almost reminiscent of narcissus. It moves into a I’m playing hooky at the beach vibe with salt, and saliva, but no coconut or tropical vibes, only the memories made there in some passionate and intimate way. It reminds me of the way you feel when you lay next to someone you’ve known forever and you know the smell of their skin by heart, which makes me think of that movie Perfume. Every time I wear this, it evokes a kind of gentle persuasion to my own naturalness of sensuality and abundance. Out of the 8 scents I’ve tried and loved so much from this house, this ranks last and I am considering buying a full size. I don’t know if that just speaks for itself, that I would literally LOVE a full size bottle of any Libertine perfume.

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