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    A crackling fire, earthy woods, an ochre patina of spice, the embrace of a fire’s warmth on a winter’s night


    Seven thousand centuries, fire our companion. The boundary between us & the world thinning as we look back. It is safety, it is comfort, it is warmth. Take the hand of all those that came before. Talk low and steady, deep into the night.  



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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Pure comfort

This scent is something that I blind bought due to the name and notes. I felt like I could smell it before I had it, but when it arrived it far exceeded my imagination. It works in heat, it wears great in cold. It’s casual or dressy, social or hermit friendly, and is so comforting and soft. I can’t stop wearing it.

Christophe Merville
Warm, intimate, sensual

I was intrigued by its name, burrow, but now I relish its smell. This is hobbit land, the Shire, warmth, hearth, smell of fur and pelts, of warm ambers, of smoked sausages hanging from the cedar lintels. Everything is ok, you are secure, nourished, loved, surrounded by friendly mammals seeking your love. There is tajine almost ready on the stove, cut roots ready to be chewed and smelled. This is a very sensuel, superb and earthy fragrance. Wear it and a whiff will bring you back in the burrow, where things are warm, secure and welcoming.

Dee Unity
Fade to.....?

While I think this fragrance is a very warm and comforting one, it unfortunately is not long lasting with my particular body chemistry.
Fin de Siecle is still my holy grail!

Lise Guyot

I absolutely love the burrow fragrance . How it softly lingers . It is the perfect parfum for a lone wolf like me always escaping outdoors.

Anna Hurd

A gorgeously complex and unique take on vetiver- smoky, a bit musky, just dirty and rooty enough to flesh out the atmospheric outdoorsiness in while staying wonderfully soft and wearable. The spices are fresh and potent-- think turmeric root, not turmeric powder-- and the date and tonka combination lends a saplike glow to the woods and vetiver- I hesitate to say "sticky" because the drydown is really quite clean, but they certainly achieve that signature Libertine textural element. It really evokes the animal happiness of lying in the sunlight, by the fire or under a warm, scratchy wool blanket, during the cold season- but I could see Burrow staying in the rotation well into spring. It stays close to the skin, which I love in a cozy perfume, and lasts hours on clothes. Such a stellar composition, and a rare instant favorite for me!

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