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  • 15ml Travel Size Eau de Parfum


    The signal fire smoke of bay leaves and sandalwood curling around citrus and stonefruit.


    Naked fruits and flowers ripen and fall to the supple soil, to be gathered and broken open in amber twilight.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Smoked Bloom - Why I Bought It

I first received Smoked Bloom as part of a discovery set, and at first it wasn’t my favorite - outpaced by the gorgeous honeyed Gilded.

Then I picked it up again, much later, and I was entranced - especially by the dry down. I am not very good at picking out perfume notes (I’m not 100% sure what is smoky about Smoked Bloom) but after it settles down this fragrance on me smells like sweet tropical flowers. It makes me think of damp, rich smelling white flowers at dusk on a tropical island. It’s not coconutty or beachy - more tropical in the lush sense. It’s quite beautiful and I used the entire sample vial and purchased a larger size.

It doesn’t have outrageous projection but it does last all day. 🌺

Diana W
Smoked Bloom oil

I bought a sample pack for my son at Christmas and I was drawn to the Smoked Bloom scent. I am enjoying it more as an oil with ball roller application as the scent is more personal and less obvious to others. I’m often in scent free environments :) I love it!

Smoked Bloom

You will love this scent. I started with the sample set and was convinced that I was going with another fragrance. The second I smelled this I was hooked. It smells like warmth. It’s cozy. It’s perfection. It’s not a scent that you’ll encounter everywhere like other mainstream perfumes. It makes it feel special. It also makes this 35-year-old mother feel cool. My husband also loves it but I would wear the Hell out of this even if he didn’t.

Angela Cove
Warm and Cozy

This fragrance is so lovely, the first time I picked it up to smell it i was enveloped in a warm hug. The sweet musky aroma is a perfect compliment to cool wintery days. The scent is subtle and seems to be a perfect match to my body chemistry. i will be wearing this for a long time to come.

Carol Lavallee
Love Love Love Smoked Bloom

I thought I would buy the Jasmine based fragrance because it's my go to, but I smelled this and loved it.... once I put it on my skin it got even better. This fragrant is surprising, unique and magic.

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