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Value of beauty in the age of automation

As the ideas of work and why we do what we do have been discussed more and more with automation, ubi & the precarious future technology has helped to create it makes me think that the senses are a bit of a hiding place for humanity from the technologies that surround us. As our logical, analytic sides have become more important for work and adding value they ironically have become first to be automated out of necessity.

It is our senses, our creativity, our passions and human eccentricities that are difficult to replicate and difficult to difficult to fool.  These things are much harder to quantify and place value on because of their squishy, immaterial nature and I think that is why they are so valuable. It is anxiety provoking to try to force our minds to work more like computers. It is so freeing to indulge in what our minds are good at. In creating stories and connecting abstract, in connecting with people and working to establish bonds, in exploring our senses and seeking what makes us feel good. Beauty has no quantifiable value, it is only valuable in how it makes us feel. That in it becomes infinitely valuable.  

I may be somewhat naive considering there are ai programs able to write music and articles that are undetectable by humans as computer generated. The factories that create the big name perfumes people gush over are so computer controlled and technologically advanced that the idea of perfume as an art form (along with every other creative product) has been permanently altered by the scale of contemporary industry. The act of enjoyment however stays the same. The place in our mind that works through our own narratives The part of our mind that links beautiful scents, tastes or gentle touches with experiences and turns them into memories that become essential to our character and our rich experience of the world. This part of our mind is what can't be converted to computation. What AI will likely miss and this part of the mind is where I want to spend as much time as I can.

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