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  • 15ml Travel Size Eau de Parfum


    Hazy, midday sun warming roses and cedar, the warm smoke of incense curls around fir


    Bright morning light raked by tender green needles. A gradual warmth, an awakening. The speckled light of summer light sets the forest ablaze.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
a little witch in the backyard brewing by twilight

the first time I smelled this, I smelled gummy worms and roses under a tree in my backyard. I used to play out in the wild mess that was overgrown fruit trees and tall grass and in the wet cool light fading into night, this reminds me of the word “bewitched.” It smells enchanting, mystical, and even compote-esque in a rosy, balsam kind of way.
The first intitial burst can sometimes cut sharp like bug spray right at the outset, but the rose that will emerge is one from storybooks and deep, dark forests you’ve never traversed through, holding great stories and mystery within them. It’s the drydown that gets me giddy and hold me enamored. Like sparkling dappled light coming through a dark forest.
This is like a rose found in Sleeping Beauty where Briar Rose is enchanted by a rose that Maleficent set out for her. A rose with a dangerous kind of enchantment.
Wearing vanilla with this sweetens and opens it up but I’ve been wearing this layered with fin de siecle this December and I feel like the iconic enchanted rose kept under glass slowly losing petals from the story of Beauty and the Beast.

Susan Johnston
Well, I'm not surprised

After the success of my experience with Sweetgrass, Hay, Tobacco, Mimosa, I took a chance on Soft Woods Perfume Oil-Fir, Incense, Rose. It's gorgeous. I can't decide which is my favourite. Both remind me of life outdoors. The first is sunny, the other is a shady forest. Both work for me. Thanks for creating them.


i was so drawn to this scent and couldn't figure out why until I read the description - frankincense, jasmine, rose, bourbon are all smells that remind me of my childhood in the balkans. this is a fragrance i will keep in my collection as long as i possibly can - a forever fragrance. thank you for bringing this diaspora girl a bit closer to home.

Nathalie Samson

This is one is my signature scents now and this time I got the roll-on version of this scent and it’s brilliant for those days when you want it closer to you, warmer and it’s travel ready! Superb!

Donna G
Loyal Customer

My daughter was one of the first to discover this fragrance company. She is a faithful and loyal influencer this brand. Buy this scent every year for her. It is her favourite.

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