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Our Values

Connection at our core

We believe that we are all a part of a deeply connected world and as such our actions are important. Our values at Libertine are built on two pillars;

Community & Care. 



Above all our mission is to create beautiful products that make people feel good to use. We believe no product can be beautiful if it harms the wearer or the planet.


We are dedicated to producing goods that are safe and easy to wear. We are  guided by science in this mission and will never use fear tactics, green or clean wash our products or use misleading marketing terms to misinform, miseducate or misdirect the trust of those that engage with us. 

Our products are formulated using IFRA guidelines to monitor and maintain safe levels of allergens that can occur in both synthetic and natural ingredients. 



We believe that there is a deep connection between ourselves, humankind and the health of all the ecosystems on the planet. We recognize the profound responsibility we have to our planet by producing goods and will always prioritize social and ecologically conscious practices in our sourcing, development and production of our scents. Perfume has a very special and direct connection to the plants and other materials that scents are created from. Our work is ongoing and responsive to ensure we are crafting beautiful and expressive scents sustainably. While the topic of sustainability is complex and always changing we dedicate ourselves to continually weighing our actions and being responsive to new evidence. 



Our communities and our cooperation has helped to create the best of what the world has to offer. It is through our love and connection to our fellow human that the world's beauty shows most brightly. We recognize our position and connection to our own local communities is essential to our own survival and we must make ourselves of benefit to the community. Libertine is guided by these connections to make sure as our business flourishes we are able to assist those near us to flourish as well. We currently offer a portion of all website sales to local organizations which we feel best serve this connection. As we grow we will continue to find new ways to serve and aid those around us. 


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