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Eau de Parfum Discovery Set

Try the full Libertine Fragrance line. 

Sample sets include a discount code for $44 ($37 USD) off the purchase of a full 50ml bottle within 60 days once you have found your favorites.

Canadian made, hand bottled in small batches.

The Discovery Set includes the entire line, all 10 fragrances. Each sample is a generous 2mls or about 10 to 20 applications


Eros Fig
Fin De Siecle
Lucky Days
Sex & Jasmine
Smoked Bloom
Soft Woods
Sweet Grass
Troubled Spirits


  • $10 Flat rate North America shipping (excluding Hawaii & Alaska)
  • Shipments are offset by investments to be carbon neutral


  • $10 Flat rate North America shipping (excluding Hawaii & Alaska)
  • Orders are shipped quickly, We ship every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Shipments are offset by investments to be carbon neutral

Customer Reviews

Based on 430 reviews
Dee Silkie
Troubled spirits is a surprising delight.

I thought I was enjoy borrow the best but was pleasantly surprised by some other fragrances. Would definitely recommend to someone new to the brand.

Bobby W

Just got my set & am delighted by everything I’ve tried so far! Currently have small sprays of several on different parts of my body bc I got too excited to wait lol. To my surprise I don’t even have a headache even with multiple scents going on.
I think the whole set is really fun!
Silage is good. Nothing is overpowering me , but I can smell them without having to burry my face in my arm.
My fav might be sweetgrass. Too soon to tell.

Eric Tomlin
Joyful sniffings

From packaging to the actual juice, this discovery set is so thoughtfully and successfully executed! Also, I truly TRULY appreciated the inclusion of the extra sample of Burrow, which ended up being my favorite of the fragrances.

So excited to spend more time with these samples. Thank you for your beautiful work!

Cydney Higgins
First & Second Loves

I ordered the sample pack and I am working my way thru them. First love is Lucky Days, mmm,although I also feel really wonderful in Sweetgrass! I will definitely be ordering these two, especially since they seem unisex to me….i love florals but these scents are more sophisticated to me.

So many great scents

I tried the discovery set and let them all! I look forward to putting on a Libertine fragrance every morning. I will definitely be purchasing a full bottle soon.

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