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Eau de Parfum Sampling Program

Try the full Libertine Fragrance line.

Sample sets include a discount code for up to $30 off the purchase of a full bottle once you have found your favorites.

Canadian made, hand bottled in small batches.

Each sample is a generous 2mls or about 10 to 20 applications

Discovery sets ship free across Canada and continental US.


  • $10 Flat rate North America shipping (excluding Hawaii & Alaska)
  • Orders are shipped quickly, We ship every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Shipments are offset by investments to be carbon neutral

Customer Reviews

Based on 377 reviews
A scent for every mood

This whole collection was an amazing olfactory experience, so many unique masterpieces! I'm happy that I ultimately decided to try them all because I would have missed out on several gems that I didn't know I needed in my life.

Sweet Grass makes me feel comfortable and nostalgic but also ready to embark into an unexpected adventure. Eros Fig feels like such a delicious indulgence. Lucky Days brings warm joy and all the good vibes. Gilded evokes old libraries, antique shops and dowry chests full of treasures. Smoked Bloom is a full breath of spring. Wear Fin de siecle next to black nails when visiting a Gothic cathedral. Troubled Spirits smells like a welcome midnight madness in autumn and Sex and Jasmine and Soft Woods transport one into an intoxicating flower garden on a Midsummer night.

Every scent is a trip and a mood and because of that I have many favorites depending on how I feel but everything smells like the best parts of nature, exhilarating, unrestrained, beautiful and wild.

This was such a positive shopping experience, amazing and unique products beautifully packaged and great customer service. I recommend this shop with all my heart.

Amazing Unique Scents

So glad I made this purchase. The sample pack came with cards describing each scent so you can learn about the notes and story behind them. I immediately fell in love with Smoked Bloom but I happily reach for a new tester every day. They have great staying power and I don’t feel overpowered when I wear them. Can’t wait to purchase a full size.

Sal Somma
All Four Awesome

I chose four, Soft Woods, Sweet Grass, Troubled Spirits and Gilded. Really like all four.

Everyone will find a favorite

Wow, all bangers here! For me, it's Eros Fig (spicy fig?! I didn't know I needed to smell like that) and—the one that I will for sure full-bottle soon—Soft Woods.

These fragrances smell natural in the best way. I strive to smell like a witch who's brewing a potion with ingredients she gathered in the forest surrounding her cottage and each one fits the bill in a different way. So thankful to have these smells transport me out of the city

Nicola Hanmer
The best independent perfume

An utter pleasure doing an exchange with this amazing company. The scents are all unique and glorious. Some are subtle, others kiss you deeply. My personal favourites are " Troubled spirit's, can't get enough, smoked bloom, just gorgeous, sex and jasmine, well the name says it all ! And soft woods, sublime. Josh it's always a pleasure 🙏 Thankyou

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