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    Liquor soaked spices zested with orange and showered with damask rose petals; a promise in a bottle


    Shared mischief and good trouble: a flask of bourbon hidden under a winter coat, a parting kiss in a coat room, a glass of wine too many, secrets spilled out over an evening all over your best friend’s floor


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Rich spicy goodness

What a delightful scent! I smell a mix of spice, orange zest and liquor. The rose is in the background and balances this beautifully. It lasts forever on my skin and while I really enjoy it on its own it's also my favorite fragrance for layering. In my opinion, it harmonizes with Sweet Grass, Eros fFg, Lucky Days and Sex and Jasmine. And with pretty much anything else! It's my go to when I want to make a fragrance that's too sweet or too flowery more wearable. I just love the spiciness and I don't think I could do without this scent!

I just want to add that this whole collection was an amazing olfactory experience! Congratulations to Josh for creating so many unique masterpieces! Thank you so much for your patience, I needed a lot of help choosing my scents. I'm happy that I ultimately decided to try them all because I would have missed out on several gems that I didn't know I needed in my life. This was such a positive shopping experience, I recommend this shop with all my heart.

Sal Somma
Nicest Boozy Ever

I usually avoid boozy ones but I like the simple natural oak and clean whisky in this.

Probably nicest of the genre.

Amazing, unique fragrance

Troubled Spirits has been my favourite fragrance since I learned about it, although included in my order was a small sample of Eros Fig, which may be taking the top spot for the summertime. I don't know what else to say other than they both blend with my natural scent perfectly, and my gf loves them on me. Thank you!

A New Favourite

I absolutely love this scent. I sent a message on Instagram looking for some help to choose a fragrance from the line and this was one of the two suggestions. It’s perfection. Hits all my fav notes in a perfume. Unique to what I have currently in my collection. I find this really long lasting. Can smell it on me all day. It’s quite boozy (in the best way) and super sexy.

Nicolas Aldea
Top Tier

This is the fragrance my partner wears and it's absolutely wonderful. She needed a re-up and Valentines was right around the corner. Anytime we hug and I smell this it, reminds me of our early dating days. Happy to have this vibe in my life.

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