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Escape Into Scents Inspired By Hazy Daydreams And Personal Fantasy

Libertine is perfume for exploring yourself. Find all the pleasures hidden inside.

Scents are a story you can wear, a little ritual, a daydream sprayed on your wrists. It is a world to explore and a costume to wear. Mother's meal, lovers kiss, forests gentle awakening.

Our scents are stories to explore.

Perfume That Goes Beyond Wardrobe

My name is Joshua Smith, the founder and perfumer of Libertine Fragrance. 

I make perfume because exploring scent has helped me to become more sensitive to the world around me. It helps you discover all the beautiful parts of you that have been hidden away.

Exploring how perfume makes you feel is like exploring all the parts of yourself.  Confident, soft, and wonderful. Explore your own hazy daydreams, find space for all your personal fantasies.

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